I also feel like I need to point out that according to this report done on the whales’ hearing, Morgan IS hearing-impaired.

An example of what they found:

"The click-evoked AEPs measured in most of the killer whales at Loro Parque resemble the expected pattern of evoked responses to this…

This is what bothers me most with all the people fighting so vigorously for her complete release and claiming that she could do fine in the wild. They ignore the fact that she obviously can’t fend for herself as her stranding has shown. She wasn’t sick when she stranded she was just emaciated which is a clear sign that she couldn’t hunt for herself. And now these people think that they can teach her what her family and 2-4 years in the wild couldn’t teach her. And at that age she already should have been able to hunt alone as Luna’s case has shown. So together with the results of this hearing test there should be sufficient evidence that makes Morgan an unsuitable candidate for release.



Just wondering, does Loro Parque call their orcas Shamu too? Like I mean they aren’t technically SeaWorld (even though the orcas belong to SeaWorld) so I’ve always assumed they didn’t, but I’ve seen a few posts today talking about Loro Parque calling them all Shamu. 

Does anyone know?

From what I’ve seen they use the whale’s actual names? o: If someone could confirm that though. That would be pretty strange to me if they used Shamu as well

They currently do call all the whales by their name during shows. They used to call Skyla a random whale sometimes (to present “Skyla’s family”) but now they just say their name.